Silk is an exquisite and luxurious fabric painting support where floating shapes and pure intese colours harmonise thanks to Mary Feijoo´s innate sense of order and beauty.

Her liquid paint creations spontaneously flow onto the silk fabric and the unprimed material naturally absorbs colour giving the effect of a watercolor.

After the painting is completed she steams the silk for many hours to make it permanent and durable.

Her painting techniques include free flowing dye, spill and diffusion of very diluted color creating layers, veils, melts and degraded effects which evolve mainly into abstract appearing occasionally geometrical forms and recognizable figurative images emerging from the world of plants and nature for which she feels a natural inclination.

I especially like Maria Feijoo´s silks where painting is a process not led by reason but an expontaneous act guided by body and the dynamism of hand movements bringing to life in a natural way the expression of universal emotions and symbols.

In these more abstracts creations Maria achieves the incredible feat to materialise and bring to life what seems to be the essence of the cosmos: an empty inhabited space fullfilled by light and floating matter where everything flows with everything in harmony.

Marias´ exquisite and delicate silk painted pieces convey an special vibrant energy that accompanies and fullfill your senses in a joyful way. They can be beautiful framed fine art pieces but also a very special one you can wear.

Marisa Candal